Sunday, July 10, 2016

Law360 Celebrates Launch of 50th Newsletter and First “In Depth” Weekly Magazine

 Law360 just announced that they will be breaking out the champagne to celebrate their “Golden Tour” at the AALL Annual Meeting and Conference in Chicago July 15-19, 2016. The festivities will mark the release of Law 360’s 50th specialty newsletter as well as the release of their In Depth news publication.
Law 360's Newsletters 2004-2016

When  I interviewed Law 360's founder Marius Meland  for an earlier post “The Improbable Rise of Law 360…”  Meland described Law 360 as ”selling awareness.”  The simple design featuring headlines and brief summaries on a field of white – was intended to allow lawyers make a qick scan of the daily update and  feel confident that they were aware of all the  major developments and players of the day in their practice area.

Expanding Breadth When I wrote my original post in 2013,  Law 360 had just been purchased by Lexis-Nexis. Meland expected  Law360 to remain on a growth  trajectory... adding additional newsletters and enriching stories with material from other LexisNexis resources. Since August 2013 Law360 has released 16 new newsletters covering both practice areas and industry sectors. With the release of the “Trials” newsletter, Law360 reached  50 newsletters focused on 27 practice areas, 17  sectors and 6 jurisdictions. They have also developed 11 specialty rankings including topics such as rising stars, diversity and practice groups of the year. Such surveys have become "must-read" staples of the large law firm competitive landscape. 

Articles Published. According to the chart below, Law360 increases the number of stories published by 20 % each year. Since their birth in 2004, Law360 has published over 56,000 stories.

Readership has also grown. Law 360 now has over 300,000 individual subscribers in about 5,000 organizations including all of the AmLaw 100 firms. Their web traffic has reached 2 million visitors and 5 million page views a month. Their staff has grown from 152 to 217 reporters and editors working in news bureaus across US. This fall they will be launching a global news bureau which will initially be based out of London.
Articles published

Expanding Depth While law 360 remains committed to their original format of presenting brief summaries of important news in their newsletters, they are now pivoting toward adding depth of coverage.  On June 11 they quietly launched In Depth, a weekly  news magazine that will provide deep analysis of hot topics and legal developments.  The press release stated that the new publication would offer hard hitting journalism, long form investigative pieces and op eds from legal influencers. The first issue covered  the "hot topic" of legal billing and focused on the “widening rate chasm in the legal industry where stagnant hourly billing rates stand in stark contrast to the staggering new rate high of $2,000 an hour."

 Last week I had the chance to talk to the Editor in Chief – Cat Fredenburgh about  Law 360’s pivot to “In Depth.”  Fredenburgh  explained that the idea for In-Depth arose from conversations with their editorial advisory board members who are practicing attorneys. Interviews suggested that lawyers were clamoring for deeper coverage of important legal issues. Fredenburgh sees the publication as being analogous to the New York Times Sunday Supplement. It doesn’t replace the daily news, it provides something different. Right now the In Depth publication is free to existing Law360 subscribers but at some point, In Depth will become a "fee based" subscription. Before setting the price, they might want to consider that  BloombergBNA offers similar content in Big Law Business  and Thomson Reuters offers Legal Current which are not only "free" publications but available to anyone--even non-subscribers.

 The In Depth Team. The managing editor Christine Hall field and Assistant managing editor Jocelyn Allison are managing a growing team of feature writers which includes Natalie Rodriguez, Max Stendhal, Erin Coe, Ed Beeson and Sindhu Sundar and the senior feature editor Jeremy Barker. There are two photo graphics editors Chris Yates and Jonathan Hayter. The managing editor for third-party content is Christian Lewis,who also works on the magazines op ed features. The Law 360 In Depth reporters include some of the most experienced Law 360 writers and each has a unique specialty covering specific legal issues.

Law360 has a track record of writing their own rules and bucking the trends. It will be interesting to see if they can move their "high stress" audience of headline scanners to consume longer and and deeper articles... and pay more for the privilege.

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