Thursday, March 19, 2015

The Start Stop Poll Results 2014-2015: Processes and Initiatives. Workflow Improvement In, Print Continues Its Freefall.

Thanks to everyone who responded to this year's poll. I will be reporting the results in two parts. Today I am reporting on processes and on Monday I will be reporting on which new products are making the grade and which products may be starting a slide into oblivion.We are once again being offered a chance to learn from the "Wisdom of Colleagues."
START. The initiatives that were most often cited as priorities in  2014 and 2015 are: Client monitoring initiatives, workflow process improvements and personalized "high touch"outreach to lawyers.

STOP Print is still under fire. All manner of print is being tossed, books, subject files and periodicals. The challenge of completely eliminating the routing of print newsletters was noted repeatedly--- even when a digital version is available - lawyers fight to keep newsletters coming in print. "But I prefer reading from a velum scroll!"

Another recurring theme was  improving workload tracking. In many cases this involves eliminating generic workload tracking  software (access, excel) or IT help desk software which doesn’t quite fit the workflow needs as well as  ditching manual tracking processes in favor of custom research tracking software.

 Here is the  list of  additional services which were  stopped in 2014 or will be stopped in 2015:

  • Manning the reference desk.
  • Giving up IT help software in favor of research software.
  • RFID tagging of books.
  • Webinars replaced with SharePoint training gadgets.
  • LibGuides
  • Recording user passwords ("Forgot your password?" is now ubiquitous).
  • We stopped using a filing service
  • We cut way back on links in our Virtual Library.
  • We centralized techical services functions in our main office, eliminating redundant processes in 11 offices.
 Which organizational initiatives were started in  2014?

  •  Software is being deployed to streamline workflow and analysis of workflow and resources:( Ref Tracker Illumen, Onelog and Quattrove).
  • Software which is being implemented to track use of digital resources include Research Monitor, Onelog and Quattrove.
  • Competitive intelligence initiatives are using Manzama and Linex.
Here  are additional responses:
  • Research Services started producing the highly formatted and structured CI reports and reports on all proposed lateral partners.
  • Research Monitor Administrative center provides real time digital resource usage data.
  • Started using ResearchHUB, the Research Moniotr module for mobile apps and websites.
  • Started a Twitter  and Linked-in accounts for the  Info Center.
  • New SharePoint portal
  • Added contract management data  to InMagic Genie module
  • Set up a digital library of Bender IP titles
  • Rebranded department from Library and Information Services to Knowledge & Research Services
  • Changed library staff titles to Director of Knowledge & Research Services and Knowledge and Research Services Assistant respectively.
  • West KM
  • Created Library App of the Week cards to promote library apps.
  • Process mapping litigation and counseling tasks.
  • Use of Summation Pro
  • We created CUI's for Westlaw (Find and Print, e-books)
  • After being approached by a partner and his clients, I became an embedded librarian

Describe any ORGANIZATIONAL (task/process/initiative) you plan to START in 2015:

Top Initiatives Cited:

  • Client monitoring initiatives
  • Workflow process improvements
  • Outreach to lawyers

Additional initiatives cited:

  • Screening potential clients for litigation against law firms or bankruptcies, etc
  • Lawyer Process improvement. Working with a practice group to analyze a complex process in order to map out which products can streamline the process.
  • Using Instant Messaging to answer reference questions
  • Lexis ebooks on Overdrive
  • Optimize the Department's billings, increasing Department revenue opportunities and decreasing expenses. 
  • Launch OneLog. 
  • Launch new SharePoint.
  • Personal follow up visits to attorneys requesting complex research assignments.  
  • Use Chrome River for library invoices.
  • Weed collection heavily prior to West LMA renewal.   Compare online resources for redundancy  3. Increase online delivery of routed periodicals.
  • Create Practice Group specific training videos.
  • Transition to WestlawNext from Lexis Advance in 2015.
  • Cross train research and technical services teams
  • Implement a library mobile app using Boopsie
  • Document requirements and business justification for KM project requests.
  • Reference Services & collection management processes reviews.
  • We plan to start a floor support program which will increase librarians' visibility.
  • Plan a "reference academy" where our librarians will share their special expertise with the rest of the group;
  • Moving our intranet pages to SharePoint 2013
  • Programmed standardized reporting (SQL).
  • Re-educate everyone on the value of WestKM and our internal work product
Coming Up Monday: The Start Stop Poll on Products, Best New Products, Best New Features and Ideas for completely new products! Stay tuned.

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