Sunday, February 8, 2015

A Walk Down the CodeXStanford "Innovators Aisle" at ALM Legal Tech

I haven't been to Legal Tech in years. Over the years they seem to have evolved into a trade show which focused on the hot technology of the moment. In recent years eDiscovery was the dominant theme. But this year ALM entered a partnership with  Codex,the Stanford Center for Legal Informatics.
According to the press release:  "CodeX’s mission is to solve systemic problems in the law through the exchange of ideas around legal technology, which will empower individuals and impact our legal system for the better. A primary focus of its researchers is the development and implementation of computational law, the use of computers to translate legal rules and regulations at a moment’s notice."

 ALM  worked with the CodeX team to introduce new companies to a market of nearly 13,000 LegalTech attendees by providing packages to eligible companies that offer a free exhibit space in a new pavilion on the trade show floor, as well as the opportunity to host thought leadership presentations on the pavilion stage.

Innovation in Aisle 117 

Aisle 117 was not only a great place to see innovative products but it was a social hub for other innovation pioneers. When I arrived at Aisle 117 ran into  Ed Walters of Fastcase and D. Casey Flaherty of  "technology audit" fame. Flaherty had recently left Kia Motors and was pursuing innovation as an independent cost control consultant.  Aisle 117 did feature an interesting mix of new products. Not one of them involved ediscovery. There was a heavy bias toward IP related products. 

Patent Vector is a new take on using big data for IP. It provides ranking and mapping of patent influence using a database of US patents from 1976. 

IP Nexus is a kind of IP marketplace for inventors looking to protect their inventions. It links inventors to a legal advisers, experts, , Investors and purchasers. 

Plain Legal – is a cloud based collaboration application for IP filings. It automatically generating  USPTO filings and tracks deadlines. 

Docket Alarm – Yes another docket product. They are also focused on IP filings. They claim to be the only service that includes all of the Patent Trial and Appeal Board data. The do offer a cool looking dashboard of analytics with lots of filtering options. They promise  near real time alerts.
MeWe  is what we now call an “alternative service provider.” They are selling automated compliance services to corporations. They appear to currently be focused primarily on environmental and health compliance issues. They have a mobile app that enables field inspection –powered by a comprehensive library of rules and regulations.  Is focused on streamlining complex team based  M&A document drafting. DealManager allows lawyers to manage diligence reviews. “With DealManager, lawyers can (in real time) assign tasks, track review progress, collect diligence analysis, manage deal issues, and instantly generate diligence reports and disclosure schedules.” 

One400 Is a marketing firm for law firms which  focuses on everything from website design to social media optimization.
If the Innovation Aisle is any indication of the products which will be dominating Legal Tech in the future,  many past attendees who had dismissed Legal Tech as a gigantic eDiscovery show will have add Legal Tech back into their calendars.

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