Wednesday, December 31, 2014

The 10 Most Popular Dewey B Strategic Posts in 2014

2014 was the first year since 2007 in which  the legal press began consistently publishing optimistic news about the legal market. Law school enrollments are still shrinking. Large law firms continue to combine into mega-firms. Law firm support roles and ratios continue to evolve. In 2014 legal publishers began to deliver products which help transform big data into analytics which offer the promise of a  competitive advantage if lawyers and information professionals can ask the right questions.

The Most Popular Post on Dewey B Strategic was posted only 3 weeks ago and it shot to the top of the list:

My personal favorite  was the most popular post until it was surpassed by the "Dumpster" post on December 11th. It is a comic nostalgia piece:

Here are the remaining 8 most popular Dewey B Strategic posts of 2014 in chronological order: 

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