Monday, December 15, 2014

Share Your Wisdom With Your Colleagues: Invitation to Take the 2014-2015 START/STOP Poll

The Poll: Please take the brief (11 question)  2014-2015 Start Stop Poll here.

New Year, New Beginning I am a great believer in the New Year as offering us a New Beginning. I have been fortunate enough to have spent my career in a profession where colleagues have generously shared insights into their victories, hot tips,  short cuts, false starts and  just plain old bad choices. We are living in a whirlwind of change: new products, new processes, new roles,  new organizational options, new expectations.  We can't do it all so let's help each other decide what's worth doing. Let's leap boldly into the future together.
Did you outsource? Centralize? Switch to a single online provider? Stop distributing deskbooks? Start offering eBooks? Embed your team? Start a competitive intelligence newsletter? Develop an app?
Knowing When to Stop. I am a big fan of Jim Collins author of the business classic "Good to Great." He counsels readers that deciding what to STOP doing is as important as deciding what projects we START. It is so easy to continue doing things - because we have always done them. Managing change is not easy. You may take some heat... it's part of the job. Change is the only constant. 

Make Room For Value. The speed with which old processes and assumptions become obsolete is accelerating. We can only deliver more value by eliminating or streamlining the routine, the redundant and the unexamined. 

The Wisdom of Colleagues. In the spirit of collecting the wisdom of colleagues I am once again asking readers to share what they  started or stopped in 2014 and on what we plan to start or stop in 2015. What products did we stop using? What new ones will we adopt in 2015?
The Poll: Please take the brief (11 question) survey here.
The Survey will remain open until January 15th and I will report on the results. Thanks in advance to all participants.
Voting for the ABA Magazine Blawg 100 will remain open through December 19th. Dewey B Strategic is nominated in the "Legal Research and Writing" category. Vote here.

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