Thursday, July 31, 2014

Law Firm Space Planning as a Knowledge Management Strategy

The knowledge-enabled productivity and financial rewards of radically redesigning law office space promise to be significant for law firms that have the courage to change.
 I recently published  an article   Law Firm Space Planning as a Knowledge Management Strategy in the July issue of Thomson Reuters Practice Innovations.

c. Thomson Reuters
Just as firms have been grappling with the billable hour for the past decade, the coming decade may be marked by the struggle to redefine the legal workplace. Office rent has been the second largest expense for law firms. Firms outside the US have already made significant strides in developing innovative space strategies. While cost reduction may be the primary incentive to reinvent the law office, firms should not overlook this as an opportunity to create "knowledge enabling" work environments...Read the complete article HERE.

This article was inspired by a presentation by Ivan Ross of Geyer Architects at the 2013 Janders Dean Knowledge Management Conference in Sydney, Australia. Additional thanks to Steve Martin of Gensler Architects for sharing his time and insights on space planning and design in US law firms and to Russ Weber my first architectural mentor.

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